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Commitment to our community.

Communities throughout Mexico rely on preparing the land, harvesting crops and processing their fruits and vegetables for their existence and livelihood. For many communities and the agri-business community in particular, we must address the social, economic, environmental and sustainability issues that impact the growers, processors and all their workers. At Del Carmen Foods we take this commitment to community seriously. 

We embrace this commitment with two primary initiatives.


Only engaging with suppliers and processors who adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). A set of rules and guidelines to train, educate and further develop our farming communities.


Partnering with Hands United (Desarrollo Integral Manos Unidas Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico) to help provide education and health services to those living in impoverished farming neighborhoods.

Looking for a greater good.

Help others help themselves.

Through these initiatives we help train and develop farm workers in safe and proper farming techniques to protect jobs, encourage best environmental practices, and safe food handling procedures. community. Plus, through Hands United, we help provide assistance to the socially and economically marginalized to improve their physical, mental and social well-being.


By providing teaching, training and assistance we help others help themselves, which adds an element of sustainability to our efforts to serve the greater good.