All our purees are processed under strict FSMA and HACCP protocols

The Finest Conventional and Organic Purees

Organic fruit purees and organic vegetable purees for the industrial manufacturing of healthy food and beverage products are specialties of Del Carmen Foods. We offer food and beverage manufacturers over 60 puree products from avocado to watermelon and almost everything in between.


Fruit Purees - Banana, all kinds of berries, guava, mamey, passion fruit, and soursop tend to be our most popular conventional and organic fruit purees.

Vegetable Purees - For conventional and organic vegetable purees our most popular items include broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, squash, and tomato. Plus, we feature eight varieties of hot peppers, all sweet peppers, and four varieties of onions.


Our purees start with farm fresh produce, harvested following Good Agricultural Practices at its peak ripeness. Purees are then processed to many different straining and screen sizes depending on the fruit, vegetable, specific manufacturer's applications, and customer specifications.


All our purees are processed under strict FSMA and HACCP protocols, with both internal and critical independent third party testing as the cornerstones of our microbial safety and defense initiatives. Please see our quality and safety control page for more information